One Fund. One Coin

Aeternum Coin combines the intelligent trading systems of one of the world's fastest traders with ecological cryptomining. The result is a cryptocurrency which is based on solid and tangible values.

Current token price: 0.75$


Duplex Fonds

The fund is characterized by a combination of algo trading with a fixed gold price and additional mining revenues.


Use of market fluctuations

Algo trading uses an intelligent system to generate profit from market fluctuations.


Smart Mining

An automated software mines the most profitable coins using ecological hydroelectric power.

Achieved profits flow back into the trading and increase the value of the Aeternum Coin.


Diverse & flexible

By adjusting the gold quota and by switching to other asses, the Aeternum Fund intends to avoid violent market fluctuations.


Aeternum Fund

by Hendrik Klein

Our algo trading is based on systematic trading rules of our own database. These rules are constantly analyzed and upgraded. Additional news and other data sources give us a competitive advantage.

The realistic price target for the end of 2019 for me is $ 25. Other currencies have already reached a multiple of that.


How it works

You buy AET tokens

You can use your AET coins to invest into the Aeternum Fund.

If the Aeternum Fund achieves an increase in value through trading and mining, you can achieve profits through the uncomplicated sale of your shares.

A withdrawal from the Aeternum Fund is possible in Fiat or other cryptocurrencies.

It’s up to you alone how many of your coins you want to invest into trading, how long you want to stay with that, whether you prefer to trade the AET on the stock exchange, or you want to trust our proven trading system and the abilities of one of the world’s fastest traders.

Mining doesn’t equal Mining!

Green Energy

We try to use electricity from renewable energies only.

Fixed Price

We have ensured the energy price for the next five years. This allows us to plan ahead, to make reliable forecasts and to limit risks from fluctuations in the energy market.

Cooling Costs

Hydroelectric power plants are naturally cooled and do not incur additional cooling costs.

Additional Costs

Our infrastructure allows us to minimize additional costs for the construction or rental of buildings, hangars or expensive container solutions.


Project Timeline


Start of development and installation of mining facilities in hydroelectric power plants (Austria)

07 / 2016

Start of collaboration with Hendrik Klein. Development of algorithms with a focus on trading in various cryptocurrencies

12 / 2016

Development of own intelligent mining software

09-12 / 2016

Start of the development of an algorithm-based trading system in cryptocurrencies

02 / 2017

Start of the development and programming of the Smart Contract

11 / 2017

Private Sale

02 / 2018

Code Review of the Smart Contract, final testing of the trading algorithms. Read the report from Chain Security

03 / 2018

Smart Contract went live / Happy Birthday AET

07 / 2018

Test phase of the trading successfully completed. Start of the intelligent trading systems / the trading starts

08 / 2018

In addition to the existing hydroelectric power plants, the expansion into a mining hall with a capacity for around 15,000 rigs is planned

12 / 2018

Extension ICO Token Price $ 0.50

Future / Preview

06 / 2019

End of ICO for the price of USD 2.00 (30.06.2019)

07 / 2019

Listing Aeternum

Get your AET token now

Current token price: 0.75$


To buy Aeternum Coins simply send Ether to the following address:


The tokens are automatically sent to your sender address.

For information about buying via BTC and bank transfer, please contact [email protected]